Fully Loaded Electronics supplies children’s hospitals across the US and Canada with video game systems that are loaded with games and ready to play. Fully loaded video game systems benefit patients and staff by providing easy, ready to enjoy entertainment and distraction when kids need it most. Sadly, hospitals often have wish lists that are larger than their budgets.

Gift of Gaming connects generous donors and charities with hospitals that need gaming consoles for the sick kids in their care. Using the expertise of Fully Loaded Electronics, Gift of Gaming takes gaming consoles and loads them with the most popular digital games. Fully Loaded knows just how to set up the systems to  hospitals' specifications, so they are safe and secure for all ages to play. These consoles come ready to play- no need for busy hospital staff to do anything but place the games in kids' hands. 

The Benefits of Gaming for Hospitalized Kids and Teens

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Gift of Gaming work?

1. Hospitals provide Gift of Gaming with their video game wish list.

2. Gift of Gaming creates a fundraising page for those hospitals outlining their gaming needs, providing a place for supporters to help and a thermometer to show how close the hospital is to their gaming goal.

3. Gift of Gaming provides the hospital with all the fundraising tools they need to spread the word about the fundraising effort. This includes an outreach plan and templates for emails, press releases, social posts, flyers, cards and posters. The idea is for the hospital to do a 6-8 week marketing push.

4. Simultaneously, Gift of Gaming reaches out to celebrities that may be interested in sponsoring the hospital for all or part of their gaming goal.

Celebrities may contribute with funds, encourage their followers or subscribers to help, or do a virtual or in-person visit to the hospital. 


No, Gift of Gaming is the giving arm of Fully Loaded Electronics and is not an IRS designated charity. We are here to provide the platform and support to unite hospitals, their supporters, and big-hearted celebrities in the common goal of easing the suffering of hospitalized children. 

Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes. Gift of Gaming will coordinate with the recipient hospital’s 501c3 foundation to send you a letter stating that your contribution is tax deductible, and thanking you for your generous gift. 

What happens when all the funds are raised? 

When all the funds are raised for a hospital’s goal, the funds are transferred from the hospital’s pot to Fully Loaded Electronics. The requested gaming systems are loaded with the latest games, and the bundle is shipped to the hospital. 

What if I make a CONTRIBUTION to Gift of Gaming and do not specify a recipient hospital? 

If you do not specify a recipient hospital, your help will become part of annual grants that Gift of Gaming will allocate to participating hospitals based on need, how long we have been trying to get the project funded, and how close they are to completing the fundraising goal.

 Some direct funding to Gift of Gaming will be used for overhead including.

 - Celebrity research, networking, and proposals.

- Advertising fundraising campaigns on behalf of hospitals.

- Operational costs including outreach to hospitals to utilize this service to reach their gaming goals.

Can I GIVE used or new gaming systems and accessories for hospitals to use?

Yes! Please mail your new or gently used gaming items to:

Gift of Gaming Donation  FLE,
4012 148th St. SE, Upper Office
Mill Creek, WA 98012.

If you would like to receive an acknowledgement from the hospital foundation 501c3 for tax purposes, please include a note saying so and include your name, phone number, email address and mailing address. 

What happens to my GIFTED video game consoles, games and accessories?

When your items arrive at Gift of Gaming we will search the hospital wish lists and place the gifts with hospitals seeking those items. If no hospitals are currently seeking those items, we will hold on to them for 3-6 months and continue to try to place them with a recipient hospital. If there are no takers after 3-6 months, gifted items will be liquidated and the funds from the liquidation will be used to support annual hospital gaming grants. The hospital that ultimately benefits from your generous contribution will mail a letter to you to thank you and to provide written documentation for tax purposes. 

What if I have more questions?

We are happy to help with any and all of your questions.
Please call us at 425-582-3173 direct, or send us an email.



For technical support and general questions, please email us and include “For Gift of Gaming” in the title:



For questions about Gift of Gaming:

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1-888-506-0219 toll free 

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